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Organize Your Planner with Custom Clips

I love drooling over the latest planner accessories as much as the next girl, but let’s face it — that stuff gets expensive!  Luckily I have my trusty Silhouette here to bail me out!  Today, let’s turn regular paper clips from your local office supply store into awesome, custom clips to accessorize your beautiful planner!


So we discussed the paper clips, which may have been found swimming in your crinkle paper.  Sorry about that, we would have packaged them individually, but it was a time constraint.  I beg your forgiveness!!

Next, grab your scraps of the Faux Leather Paper and HTV, plus your glue gun or other strong adhesive.  I also used my scraps of DecoFoil, because how could I resist?!, but that is up to you.


So let’s talk about what makes a custom planner clip.  You’ll see a lot of crafters use little embroidered felt shapes (which are super cute) and others buy clips from the big designers that come in their kits.  We’re going to focus on a simple one today, but I’d love to see your creativity on this one!

Organize Your Planner with Custom Clips

So I set up three files and I want to go ahead and tell you that my smaller cuts didn’t work very well.  It wasn’t the cut, it was the weeding, so keep that in mind.  I’m sharing all three of these designs because you can make them larger and probably have better luck, but I just wanted you to know what to look for when setting up your own designs.

Another key component, DON’T FORGET TO MIRROR YOUR HTV.  I know we say that all the time to each other, but I did it again, so your file is coming to you already mirrored.  You can download my templates here.  Remember if you are using the SVG format, you will need to resize your files.


Studio Format   |   SVG Format

I sized my designs to be 0.75” tall.  I wasn’t comfortable going larger, mainly because of how close my planner pages are to the top of my planner.  You can go larger if you are going to use them on the side or if you have already sized your planner pages appropriately.

So when I was setting up my file, I created my design (aka I traced it) and then created an Offset.  The way to think about it is that you want your original design to be cut in HTV, then you want the offset to be cut in the Faux Leather Paper.  Follow along in the tutorial and you’ll see what the final project looks like.

So I cut the Faux Leather Paper on my Silhouette using the scraps left from my amazing Planner Band.

Organize Your Planner with Custom Clips2

It’s important to note that I cut two of each shape in the Faux Leather Paper.  I wanted my custom planner clips to have a piece on each side of the paper clip, but this is optional.

Organize Your Planner with Custom Clips3

It’s a little tiny project, so go ahead and break out your tweezers.  Line up your HTV with your faux leather paper and press.  If you are using the FirstMark that came in your box, you can also combine it with the DecoFoil, which is what I did!!

Organize Your Planner with Custom Clips4

On the Faux Leather Paper piece that is your back (if you cut two), go ahead and apply your hot glue or other adhesive.  You will then lay your paper clip on top of the hot glue, add another dab of hot glue on top of the paper clip, then add your “front” piece, which is the side with the HTV.  You want enough hot glue to attach the paper clip, but not too much for it to leak out the sides.

Organize Your Planner with Custom Clips5

After your glue dries, you can now add it to your planner!


Organize Your Planner with Custom Clips7

You can also use it on the side, which is really useful when you start adding layers to your Notes section.

Organize Your Planner with Custom Clips8

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