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Organization of a Planner

So you’re ready to get organized and you’re working on your new planner.  What in the world do you do now?  What supplies do you have and what order does it all go in?  We’re glad you asked!  Let’s talk planners.


Of course, the most important part of the planner is the planner itself.  And dang these planners are expensive — with basic sets ranging $40-60 retail.  So when we stumbled across these Macaron planner binders for a decent price, we had to jump on them!  It’s important to note that this planner (and our personal recommendation) is size A5.  This seems to be the most versatile in terms of personalizing and creating your own accessories.

And of course buying an “empty” planner allows for a ton of options.  Because of the nature of the box, we decided to team up with our favorite designer, JSL Custom Creations, and set designed these planner pages just for us as part our Exclusive Design Bundle!  We sent them over and had them printed commercially, but you can definitely print them straight on your home printer!  More on that to come.

Last but not least, we included our favorite 110 lb. cardstock.  You can purchase it just about anywhere, but we like getting it from Amazon because it’s such a great price.

Organization of a Planner


So for the basic planner pages, you can technically arrange them any way you want.  However, we are going to show you how they were designed to flow in your planner.

You received 4 sets of pages:

  • Planner Set 1: Notes – Month

Organization of a Planner2

  • Planner Set 2: Year – Weekly Planner

Organization of a Planner3

  • Planner Set 3: Week of – Weekly Planner

Organization of a Planner4

  • Planner Set 4: Notes – Notes

Organization of a Planner5

I know these look a little strange to the untrained eye, but these are set up to print double-sided.  The red lines won’t print on your printer and are more for illustration.  If you want them to print, you will need to increase the Line Thickness.

So the order will be:

  • (ONE PAGE) Planner Set 1: Notes – Month
  • (ONE PAGE) Planner Set 2: Year – Weekly Planner
  • (FIVE PAGES) Planner Set 3: Week of – Weekly Planner
  • Add “Planner Set 4: Notes – Notes” to the back of the planner or throughout planner where desired.

So I know what you are thinking… I only received enough “Planner Set 3: Week of – Weekly Planner” pages to fill 6 months of my calendar.  This was intentional for two reasons:

  • When we filled the planner with all 12 months of the monthly and weekly pages, plus the notes pages, the binder was extremely full. This made it uncomfortable to use and flip ages.
  • One of your projects is to make your own pages so that you can customize them for your needs, so if we gave them all to you, what would be the fun in that? (wink, wink)

But seriously, I personally filled my planner with 6 months full of the month and week pages, followed by the remainder monthly pages, then followed by the notes.  In 6 months, I can create more weekly pages to replace the ones I will remove from the prior 6 months.

Of course we have the files uploaded to the Google Drive for you in PDF, Studio and SVG formats.  Each of these files is set up for you to print and punch on your own using an A5 punch.

Access the JSL Custom Creations Planner Page Bundle


We ordered an A5 size paper punch from Amazon (4 of them to be exact) and we can attest to how durable they are.  True, if you punch more than 3-4 pages (depending on paper thickness) they can jam, but that’s not the fault of the page puncher, that was our impatience.

Now I know what you are thinking… why do I need a page puncher when I have a Silhouette?  You don’t, it’s just the easy way out.  If you’re not ready to take the plunge and by yet another tools that you might not really need, don’t despair, we have set these pages up to be Print-N-Cuts with your Silhouette, too!  Another downfall is that it also uses more paper, so keep that in mind.

Access the PRINT AND CUT Planner Page Bundle


Now we’re ready to move on to dividers.  And yep, we have some gorgeous watercolor designs for you that will go beautifully with your planner color, so I hope you’re ready for this awesomeness!!

Organization of a Planner6

Now it’s the same deal with the Pattern Planner Dividers, they are available in Studio and PDF format.

PRINT AND CUT Planner Page Bundle

Sorry SVG users, my SVG converter doesn’t allow for the conversion of patterns like this, BUT I do have a solution for you!  I have saved the divider files as PDF and you can use the “Blanks Planner Dividers” file as the template to create your Print-N-Cut files.

PDF Planner Page Bundle

Blank Planner Divider Template

Again, these dividers are lined up to coordinate with the holes on your planner pages, so when you get ready to make more and want a more centered look, you will want to Release Compound Path to center the holes.  I will do a separate tutorial on this process for future reference.

Organization of a Planner7

Organization of a Planner8

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