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DIY Planner Notes and Flags

I love accessories of all types.  On my desk, you can regularly find about 50 unfinished sticky notes, as well as notes and flags in all my notebooks.  You know what I love even more?  Making my own so that they coordinate with the theme!!  I know, you can go down (or order on Amazon) and pick up your own sticky notes and flags on the cheap.  If that’s what makes you happy, feel free to indulge — but today we are going to make ones that coordinate with our planners AND talk about a new feature that is really useful when cutting paper — Line Segment Overcut.


I’m sure everyone received the assorted copy paper in the box and though copy paper, really?  That’s okay, I understand, and hopefully you do now, too!  Remember that these boxes are all about learning new processes and using products in new ways.

So you’ll need the copy paper and a new item we haven’t worked with before, a tape runner.  If you’re new to papercrafting, tape runners are an easy, go-to adhesive that can be either permanent or repositionable adhesive.  It’s a quick way to adhere paper (or paper products like cardstock) together and not have to worry about drying time!


We are going to use our Silhouette machines to cut the squares and flags.  I know it seems basic and if you have a paper trimmer, feel free to skip this part.  I like using my Silhouette because I get perfect cuts every time and I know I won’t have any wonky shapes because I didn’t align it correctly (just sayin’).  My flags are 0.50” by 2” and my notes are 2” squares.

DIY Planner Notes and Flags

If you like these sizes, you can download the basic template file here.  Remember that if you use the SVG download, you’ll have to resize them in your own software.


Studio Format   |   SVG Format


I’m going to demonstrate cutting these shapes with the teal copy paper, but feel free to get creative.  In fact, it’s worth mentioning here that I included the white copy paper in the event you wanted to get creative and do a Print N Cut version of your flags and sticky notes to fully match your theme.

DIY Planner Notes and Flags2

Once placing the copy paper on your cutting mat and loading it into your machine, let’s talk about a really great feature that you are going to want to utilize for this project: Line Segment Overcut.

Basically, Line Segment Overcut is a feature in your Cut Settings Window that can help prevent you from getting crinkled or ripped corners.  When you turn it on, the machine will actually cut slightly past where your shape would stop, pick up the blade, then position it back where it belongs and cut the next segment.  It’s hard to describe in words, but you’ll notice a difference when you go to cut.

So in this case, the left is what would actually cut, giving you crisper edges than trying to make that corner by turning.

DIY Planner Notes and Flags3

So you’re ready to cut, your material is loaded and your file is in place.  Open your Cut Settings Window, make sure your Cut Lines are turned on, then choose Copy Paper (Medium) for your Material Type.

DIY Planner Notes and Flags4

When you click Copy Paper (Medium) and your menu expands, here is where you will turn on your Line Segment Overcut.  You’ll click ON, and then increase the Start and End to 0.5 mm or greater.  This is the settings I use, but feel free to try and see what works best for you.

DIY Planner Notes and Flags5

Now comes the easy part — separate the cut pieces from your cutting mat and grab your adhesive tape runner.

DIY Planner Notes and Flags6

You’ll remove the cap from your tape runner and run a thin line of adhesive along one side.  You’ll be able to see and feel the adhesive.


Now you can place these cuties anywhere you need a sticky note or a flag marker.  Not only do these colors coordinate with my planner, but they were super-duper easy and I learned all about Line Segment Overcut!

And like I said, once you are comfortable with cutting the copy paper, jump on board with your Print-N-Cut features and make some that are truly customized to you.  Think monograms and special use flags, the options are endless!

DIY Planner Notes and Flags8

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