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Clear Glossy Labels to Protect Your Planner

While we all know printable labels are great for planners, these sheets of clear glossy labels work for two purposes — cute clear labels and added protection for your planner!  And of course, I’m sure you’ll think of many more applications on why you need this awesome clear sticker paper in your life, so don’t be afraid to adventure out!


So we purchased the Clear Glossy Inkjet printable labels from  Please note that these are INKJET only, so please do not try to run these through your LASER printer.  If you have a Laser printer, don’t despair, you can still use these with your Silhouette to make protective labels for your planner, you just won’t have the added benefit of using them as a printable.


So the tutorial itself is a basic Print-N-Cut, and of course we have a great cut file for you!

Clear Glossy Labels to Protect Your Planner

So of course, grab your free file.  I’ve done the hard work for you (wink, wink), so now you can benefit from my blood, sweat and tears.  Just kidding, this is fairly easy, so don’t be intimidated if you have to make your own later on.

Planner Tab Template

Studio Format   |   SVG Format


IF YOU ARE USING THE SVG FORMAT, the size of your file will not import correctly.  With the complete file grouped together, resize your file to 14.774” x 9.164”.  After that, you can ungroup and proceed with the project.

Clear Glossy Labels to Protect Your Planner2

Print the file on your printer.  When it comes time to cut, I used the Silhouette Studio defaults for Clear Sticker Paper (even though the brand we are using isn’t Silhouette brand).  Just make sure the Double Cut feature isn’t selected, as mine actually cut through the backing to the mat. Remember, test cut is your friend!!

Clear Glossy Labels to Protect Your Planner3

Clear Glossy Labels to Protect Your Planner5

One good thing about getting a “kiss cut” (which means you don’t cut through the backing) is you can kind of weed it like you do vinyl.  Just start at the corner and peel back the sticker paper that you don’t need.

Clear Glossy Labels to Protect Your Planner6

Now, using your fine tip tweezers, you can place your months on your planner dividers!  If you haven’t guessed it already, the circles will go around the hole punches that loop through the binder rings.  This will help them not to tear down the road.

Clear Glossy Labels to Protect Your Planner7

Don’t feel restricted, just because we did planner month labels!  You can divide your planner any way you see fit!  You can separate your calendar from your notes sections, you can create pages for shopping lists, to-do lists, etc.  The sky is the limit with DIY dividers and these awesome labels!!

Clear Glossy Labels to Protect Your Planner8

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