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Shadow Box with 3D Paper Flowers

Shadow box crafts are great for any holiday — for gifts for home décor.  We’ve done them for Halloween, Valentine’s Day, Christmas, and now Mother’s Day.  We’re also going to experiment with paper by rolling some cute 3D flowers to line the inside of our box.  Paper flowers are super cute (and super inexpensive), and pattern paper and cardstock is available in tons of colors and patterns!


One good thing about shadow boxes is that you can score them at a really good price at your local craft store.  I usually wait for a sale and go stock up!!  The same can be said for the other products for this craft, you’ll need the patterned paper pack, the white acrylic paint, the foam brush, then the white adhesive vinyl and transfer pack.  You also need a hot glue gun (or other adhesive) from your personal stash.

Shadow Box with 3D Paper Flowers


First thing: go ahead and get your shadow box painted.  We used two layers of the white acrylic paint, applied with the foam brush.  Make sure to remove the glass insert, but you do need to paint the wood part of the insert that is attached.

As that dries, let’s move on to the flowers.  Now I’m not talented (or patient) enough to design a 3D flower just yet, but I’m happy to direct you to the flower I purchased from the Silhouette Design Store.  If you are a Cricut user, I’m sure that they have something similar available.


Ok, so with that flower in your library, you can line them up 2 at a time on your 6” x 6” paper pieces.  It looks like it’s cutting it close, but I promise it fits.

When preparing to cut, you want to modify your Design Page settings to reflect the size of your paper.  Reduce the page size to 6” x 6”, make sure you have selected the correct cutting mat, and make sure your Cut Line is turned on.

Shadow Box with 3D Paper Flowers2

When you’re ready to cut and have your paper on your cutting mat, you can simply use the Cardstock material settings in Silhouette Studio.

Blade: 3   |   Speed: 4   |   Thickness: 20

Shadow Box with 3D Paper Flowers3

Then you literally peel them off the mat.

Shadow Box with 3D Paper Flowers4

As you proceed, you want to keep in mind that these flowers will go next to each other in the shadow box.  Choose an assortment of colors so that your box layout looks nice and complete.

Shadow Box with 3D Paper Flowers5

Continue the cutting process until you have 12 flower cut outs to roll.

When it’s time to roll, break out those beautiful pink tweezers OR a pencil.  It depends on what works best for you, so you may want to try it both ways.  With the tweezers, go ahead and pinch the middle of the flower.

Shadow Box with 3D Paper Flowers6

Turning the tweezers perpendicular to the flower (which also pulls up the middle tab of the flower, begin to wrap from the middle, working your way out, wrapping the flower fairly tightly around the tweezers.  If your flower looks like this, wrap it tighter.

Shadow Box with 3D Paper Flowers7

When you release the flower, it should resemble something like this photo.  If your flower is too loose, roll again.  We will perform a video of the process and post it in the Facebook group, so stay tuned if this part is difficult.  Once your flower is the desired size, place a dab of adhesive, such as hot glue, to the end of the outside ring to keep it in place.


Once your flowers are rolled, place them inside the shadow box until you are satisfied with the layout of your colors and the spacing of your flowers.  Then use a dab of adhesive, such as hot glue, to adhere the flowers to the back of the shadow box.

Shadow Box with 3D Paper Flowers9

With the flowers in place and glued down, you can slide the glass in place.  Be careful that you don’t catch the tops of your flowers and dislodge them.

Shadow Box with 3D Paper Flowers10

With your glass in place, let’s talk vinyl.  We have a free cut file for you to use, if this is a gift for Mother’s Day (because we love our moms!).




You can obviously create your own and size it accordingly.  I do this by drawing a 5” x 7” rectangle in Silhouette Studio then sizing my design to how I want it to look.  Don’t forget to remove the 5” x 7” rectangle before cutting.

Shadow Box with 3D Paper Flowers11

Cut your design in vinyl and weed like normal.

Shadow Box with 3D Paper Flowers12

Now here is a fun tip for applying vinyl and getting it straight.  Go ahead and align your vinyl before you remove the backing.  Leave enough transfer tape overhanging on the top OR use a piece of painters/masking tape to secure the vinyl in place, still aligned.

Shadow Box with 3D Paper Flowers13

With the transfer tape still stuck to the glass, flip the vinyl over the top to expose the backing.  Make sure you have burnished the vinyl extra well before attempting this part.

Shadow Box with 3D Paper Flowers14

Now slowly peel off the paper backing, careful not to dislodge the transfer tape.

Shadow Box with 3D Paper Flowers15

As you remove the backing, carefully smooth the vinyl into place.  This will ensure your vinyl stays aligned (or as aligned as it was when you adhered the transfer tape to the glass.

Shadow Box with 3D Paper Flowers16

Burnish your vinyl again to secure it to the glass and hopefully remove any air bubbles, and your project is complete!!

Shadow Box with 3D Paper Flowers17

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