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Personalized Baby Wipes Travel Case

I mean, who doesn’t love preparing for a new baby? Whether you are nesting for your own little bundle or creating gifts for a baby shower, these little crafting projects are the cutest! One of the easiest gifts to throw together is a personalized baby wipes travel case, you just need a little adhesive vinyl! Let’s take a look at how it’s done.


So just as you expected, you need the blank baby wipes travel case and the roll of adhesive vinyl and blue grid transfer tape. The fun with this project comes when designing the file, so don’t get too bummed that we didn’t include anything too fancy. The blank baby wipes cases can be found over at Craft Chameleon, in case you decide you need to stock up!

Wipes Case 1


So the super easy part about these baby wipes travel cases is that Craft Chameleon makes it super easy (as with many of their products) and they give us the cut file in both Studio and SVG formats! So go ahead and download the one you need from the link you receive from your purchase.

Wipes Case 2

In addition, once you download, you’ll see that they even give us a dozen cut file designs to use with our cutting machines, making it super easy!

Wipes Case 3

Now if I had some beautiful pattern adhesive vinyl, like from SparkleBerry Ink, I would be very tempted to use that with the basic template and just cover this case in gorgeous-ness. But alas, we can’t all be spoiled with beautiful patterns and must make due with regular adhesive vinyl. So let’s take a look at creating our own file (although there’s no shame in using one provided by Craft Chameleon!).
So let’s say I want a paisley print. I will find a paisley print that I can use either royalty free or that I’ve purchased for commercial use. Because I have Designer Edition, I can copy and paste my pattern into Silhouette Studio. If you do not have Designer Edition, don’t fret, but you will need to save the pattern to your computer and import the image into the library. Just another reason to upgrade to Designer Edition when you get the chance.

Wipes Case 4

Now that I have my pattern picked out, I need to trace it and turn it into a cut file. Using the Trace tool menu, click on Select Trace Area and draw a box around the pattern area. On black and white images (which is what I recommend), I get the best results when I uncheck the High Pass Filter and reduce the Scale down to 4. Once your design is filled in completely with yellow, click Trace.

Wipes Case 5

Once the trace is processed, you can either move or delete the original pattern.

Wipes Case 6

For visual purposes, I’m going to fill my new traced pattern with gray.

Wipes Case 7

I want to make sure to use Send to Back on my design so that it falls behind my black outline of the baby wipes case. Also remember that if your design doesn’t cover the entire template, enlarge the pattern instead of shrinking the template. The template must stay the same size to fit the case properly.

Wipes Case 8

Now by selecting both the pattern and the template, open the Modify window. Click Subtract to separate the areas where the template cuts into the pattern. Depending on the complexity of your design, it may take a while for Silhouette Studio to process, so don’t distress, just let it do its thing.

Wipes Case 9

So you’re probably asking why I chose Subtract instead of Crop. For me, the Modify menu can be a game of “which button do I press to get what I want”. I know, you’d think after all this time, I’d have a better handle on it, and sometimes I do. But when I first chose Crop, I discovered that this outline is actually more than one line. Take a look at what I mean.

Wipes Case 10

So when I chose Crop, it cropped the inside of these lines, and not the inside of the shape. So I can choose Subtract to subtract the shape of this design from my pattern, then delete the parts that I don’t need. Let’s see how it turns out.

Wipes Case 11

So it’s hard to see, but can you tell where the outline was subtracted? So now I’ll remove the extra pieces around the outline that I don’t need.

Wipes Case 12

So now all that’s left is to cut and apply to my baby wipe travel case!

Wipes Case 13

If you’re a box subscriber, don’t forget to check out the Facebook Group for access to these baby wipes templates from Craft Chameleon and a copy of this Paisley one we have created today.

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