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Wedding Coaster with Crystals and GlitterFlex

Looking for personalized wedding favors can be exhausting, not to mention outrageously expensive.  While cork coasters may not be your cup of tea, working with GlitterFlex and Crystals is sure to have your design sense swooning at first glance.  We’re excited to partner with Dawn of Glitter Eye Candy as she shows us how you can use Swarovski Crystals, GlitterFlex HTV and her specialty process to create a gorgeous and pain-free design!


Each box is equipped with a special packet hand-packed by Dawn and her crew, which is quite a feat (if I do say so myself).  They packaged up everything that we needed AND she wrote a custom tutorial just for us!  I’m so tickled, I’m going to just attach her tutorial right here and let you guys give it a browse!  We tested it out ourselves and found that the directions are pretty comprehensive!

Download the FULL Tutorial by Dawn

I do have a free cut file for you that will match up to the tutorial.  I did make one minor change so that you could enjoy those crystals a little more in the design.  I added a small offset so that there was more contrast between the crystals and the coaster, and I love the way it turned out!

One other change from the tutorial, Dawn was kind enough to print out the dot pattern on the cardstock in the packet she put together for each of you.  So while you can still print out the crystal pattern on your own, feel free to use the one included in your kit to save yourself a step!

Wedding Coaster FREE Download

Studio Format   |   SVG Format

Wedding Coaster with Crystals and GlitterFlex

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