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Rustic Wedding Invitation with Vellum Overlay

A lot of Silhouette enthusiasts make the mistake of thinking that papercrafting is something to avoid or they are intimidated because cutting cardstock isn’t as cut and dry as cutting vinyl.  So today we are going to give you a nice and easy introductory project before we proceed into more papercrafts throughout the year.  Lucky for you, 2017 is going to be a year of progressive learning, and if you’re a box subscriber, you can come along for the papercrafting ride!


We’re using three items from your box today, despite there only two items in the photo.  The clear sleeve contains 5 sheets of 110 lb. cardstock and 5 sheets of vellum.  You’ll also need your small roll of jute twine for accenting your invitation.  All these items can be picked up on Amazon or your local craft store.  In fact, I usually get my cardstock and vellum from the standard office supply, so don’t be afraid to look for your crafting supplies outside the box.

Rustic Wedding Invitation with Vellum Overlay 1


Naturally the first step to creating the invitation is actually creating the invitation.  If you aren’t quite sure what you want your invitation (or announcement) to say, this is where all that Pinterest homework comes into play!  In this at least, don’t reinvent the wheel, because there are a ton of great wording options that you can start with, then add your own twist as you see fit.

With an idea in mind, import your favorite photo.  You’ll want to size the image to be at or close to

5” x 7” (or whatever size you had in mind.  Don’t worry if you can’t get the size exact, we’ll be trimming the phot after printing anyways.

Rustic Wedding Invitation with Vellum Overlay 2

Next, you’ll need to design the vellum printable overlay.  This is where your wording choices will come in.  To start, draw a rectangle and sizing it to the same size as your invitation (in this case, 5” x 7”).

Rustic Wedding Invitation with Vellum Overlay 3

Now you simply type the words that you need and set your own layout.  I know it’s not as simple as I make it sound.  “Just type the words, she says”.  I know.  But, typing the invitation and setting the layout will be up to you and it’ll be a great exercise in patience.  You’re welcome.

Rustic Wedding Invitation with Vellum Overlay 4

As you can see above, I added two dots to both printables to help me line them back up after printing.  That will make more sense in a few minutes.  I separated the two different print files and doubled up two to a sheet to prevent waste.

Rustic Wedding Invitation with Vellum Overlay 5

One thing to thing to note before printing the vellum is that the ink will be wet for the first few minutes.  You’ll need to be careful when removing it from the printer and allow the ink to dry before handling and cutting.

Rustic Wedding Invitation with Vellum Overlay 6

Once my ink was dry, I lined up my dots and trimmed the vellum and cardstock at the same time.  If I were to trim them separately, I would actually recommend trimming the vellum slightly smaller than the cardstock, but trimming them at the same time ensures they are the same size.

Rustic Wedding Invitation with Vellum Overlay 7

Now you just need your straight edge cutter or paper trimmer and you’ll be good as gold!  I have a Fiskars model that I especially love, so if you are in the market, I highly recommend it.  You can get it from Amazon or most local craft stores, it’s pretty popular.  If you’re not quite ready to make another investment, you can use any straight edge (such as a metal ruler) and a craft knife to trim off the excess paper.

Rustic Wedding Invitation with Vellum Overlay 8

After trimming down to size, I also needed to punch holes.  This is another purpose for the dots on my printables, it helps to line up my hole punches.  Most hole punches have one side that is see-through, so get creative to make sure you line up the holes where they need to be.

Rustic Wedding Invitation with Vellum Overlay 9

Now all you have left is to feed through the jute twine to bind the two pieces together!

Rustic Wedding Invitation with Vellum Overlay 10Rustic Wedding Invitation with Vellum Overlay 11

This project is licensed exclusively for Silhouette Life Inspiration Box.  All reproduction or distribution is prohibited.  ©2017 Silhouette Life Inspiration Box
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