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Pattern Vinyl Tumbler with Glitter Overlay

One of the coolest parts of being a Bride-To-Be is all the accessorizing you get to do while you plan your wedding.  It’s the perfect excuse to make things for you and your “Bride Tribe” while exploring how to make things for your own wedding!  Even more exciting is when you get to add a little bling along the way, and I think you’ll agree with me when I share my excitement over this gorgeous Glitter Laminate Overlay from SparkleBerry Ink!


I first ran across SparkleBerry Ink at the All Things Silhouette Conference back in November.  And while I drooled over their gorgeous patterned vinyl, I wasn’t prepared for what I’m about to show you today.  Another thing that impressed me about SparkleBerry Ink?  The people.  I’m a big people person and I really appreciate a business who takes customers seriously and treats them with respect.  So what do you get when you mix awesome vinyl with awesome people?  SparkleBerry Ink!

So for this project, we’re going to pair a gorgeous (as if I can’t come up with another descriptive word!) adhesive vinyl print with a truly life-altering product… Glitter Laminate Overlay!  And of course, we need something pretty amazing to hold such a combination, so we’ve included skinny tumblers from Save-A-Cup to top it all off!

Pattern Vinyl Tumbler with Glitter Overlay 1


First, let’s talk about Glitter Laminate Overlay, what it is and why you would or would not want to use it.  Glitter Laminate Overlay is a great way to add sparkle to any adhesive vinyl, patterned or solid colors alike.  It is an adhesive layer that will lay on top of whatever vinyl you choose and provide a gorgeous sparkly appearance.  When combined with a pattern vinyl, it also helps to seal the ink and keep your pretty pattern brighter longer.  Laminate overlay is available without glitter, but really, why bother?  LOL, just kidding.  But I’ll take the sparkle all day long.

So, let’s start with our tumbler.  This is a skinny tumbler, which means that it has a smaller width to work with, but it’s also pretty amazing to work with vertically AND your designs don’t distort as much because there’s not a big taper from top to bottom.

For sizing, grab your tumbler and a ruler.  Get a rough estimate of width and keep in mind that some of your design should wrap around.

Pattern Vinyl Tumbler with Glitter Overlay 2

So I decided to make my decal (a monogram) 3” wide.  Since my design is wider than it is tall, I didn’t need to worry about the height of the decal.  If you are doing a name vertically, which is very popular, then you’ll just want to make sure you keep both dimensions in mind.

To prep my vinyl, I need to go ahead and apply the Glitter Laminate Overlay to the adhesive vinyl.  I am using the beautiful paisley pattern that came with the box, and I am just thrilled with how it turned out (but stay with me, don’t skip ahead lol).

Lucky for you (and for me), SparkleBerry Ink has a video on how to apply the Glitter Laminate Overlay.  Luck for you because it is much better than what I would have put together and lucky me because I get to skip another awkward video LOL.  Just kidding… I’m practicing, I promise.  Anywho, here is a link to the video:  It’s also linked directly on their website.

For those of you who don’t want to jump over to YouTube right now, that’s okay.  The logistics are that you are going to cut enough glitter laminate overlay to cover the area of vinyl you need for your design.  Go ahead and peel it from the clear backing.

Pattern Vinyl Tumbler with Glitter Overlay 3

Starting with one edge of the laminate, use a scraping tool to smooth down the laminate on top of the adhesive vinyl.  Using the scraper will help prevent bubbles from forming between the laminate and the vinyl.

Pattern Vinyl Tumbler with Glitter Overlay 4

If you do end up with a few bubbles, don’t stress, it takes practice.  Grab a straight pen and poke small holes in the bubbles and smooth them out.

Now, it’s time to cut just like normal, except we’ll modify the cut settings a little.  Here’s what I used:

BLADE: 3        SPEED: 5        THICKNESS: 15

Now patterned vinyl doesn’t weed quite as clean as regular solid adhesive vinyl, so just use a little more attention to detail when weeding to keep your design intact.

Pattern Vinyl Tumbler with Glitter Overlay 5

The next step is to use the transfer tape and apply it to your tumbler.  Now I’ve had a few people ask for tips on how to apply a decal straight when using a tumbler and I have one solution I recommend every time: WATER.

That’s right, you’re reading that correctly.  No, you don’t use the water to actually apply the decal, but you put water in the cup, filling it until the waterline reaches the area that you are applying the decal.  Setting your tumbler on a level surface, like a kitchen counter, line up your decal with the waterline as best you can.  This is where the clear transfer tape helps because you can see through it.

Pattern Vinyl Tumbler with Glitter Overlay 6

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