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Glass Etching Gift Idea with EtchAll

If you haven’t tried glass etching yet, you don’t know what you’re missing!  This may be my favorite project to personalize gifts, and I’m here to introduce you to the hands-down best etching cream on the market: EtchAll!  While there are a few different ways to get the etched glass look, etching cream is the way to go (in my opinion) and I’m convinced once you try it, you’ll be convinced, too!


So when I say that EtchAll is the best etching cream available, I’m pretty serious about it {LOL}.  There are a few available and I’ve tried them all, which is why I worked so diligently with EtchAll’s very own Barbee to get you guys introduced to their exceptional product.  EtchAll is available in a variety of quantities and even available on our beloved Amazon!

For this project, we’re going to use an adhesive vinyl stencil using OraCal 651, a standard round mirror and EtchAll etching cream to create a personalized gift for newlyweds, happy couples, or yourself!

Glass Etching Gift Idea with EtchAll 1


So the first thing to know about using any etching cream is that it is permanent.  You’ll want to take precautions in your work area to make sure you don’t inadvertently etch something other than your project by mistake.  I also recommend wearing gloves, not only to protect your skin (EtchAll is a safe product to use, but better safe than sorry if you have sensitive skin), but also so you can shed the gloves after working with the cream and you don’t have to worry about etching your fingerprints by mistake.

Now let’s get to etching!  Let’s start by making the stencil.  Since we are using a 6” round mirror, set up your design inside of a 6” round circle in Silhouette Studio.

Glass Etching Gift Idea with EtchAll 2

Cut your design from adhesive vinyl using the regular cut settings.  When it’s time to week, remember to weed the negative image to create a stencil.

After weeding, lay the transfer tape right on top of the design and squeegee the area you need to remove.  Don’t be afraid to put some force behind it, but be mindful of small pieces that may shift during the burnishing.  By peeling a corner of the transfer paper, pull up just the circle and inside design from the backing sheet.  You should have a circle stencil the same size as your mirror.

Glass Etching Gift Idea with EtchAll 3

With careful alignment, try your best to center the vinyl stencil onto the mirror.  Having the stencil in the shape of a circle should help, so you can line up the edges.  Remember it’s only practice if you don’t get it perfect.  No worries, there are plenty more mirrors in the world.  You can also start with a smaller design if you are wanting to practice more than once on the same mirror, just be sure to tape off any exposed areas with masking tape.  In fact, if you have any exposed areas outside of the stencil, be sure to tape those off too, so you don’t accidentally etch the exposed area by mistake.

Glass Etching Gift Idea with EtchAll 4

Burnish the vinyl again to get a good stick to the mirror, then remove the transfer tape.  Using your fingers, be sure to test the seal of your vinyl on your design, you don’t want any etching cream to leak under your stencil.

With your stencil in place, carefully pour some etching cream onto the vinyl and use the squeegee to scrap the cream into the stencil.  Do not pour the etching cream into the exposed stencil to avoid any inconsistent etching that may occur.

As you are squeegeeing in the etching cream, be mindful of the edges to reduce spilling.  The etching cream is reusable, so any excess you have can be squeegee’d back into the bottle.  For a full run down of the ins-and-outs of EtchAll Etching Cream, be sure to visit their website.  Not only do they have a full encyclopedia on etching, they have some great Q&A’s and an inspiration area on alternative ways to use your etching cream!  I’d start with the Getting Started section.

Glass Etching Gift Idea with EtchAll 5

Once the stencil is covered, scrap excess cream back into the bottle and allow the project to sit for 15 minutes while the etching takes place.

After 15 minutes, carefully carry your project over to your kitchen or bathroom sink.  A small tub of water would also work.  Proceed to rinse the cream from the mirror until all traces are gone.  I carefully rub the design with my fingers while under a stream of water for the easiest removal.  Warm water also helps now that it’s time to remove the stencil.  Carefully peel the vinyl from the mirror and immediately was any excess cream hiding in the corners (rare).

Glass Etching Gift Idea with EtchAll 6

As you’re peeling the vinyl, you’ll be able to see some of the etching, but don’t be alarmed if it doesn’t seem as distinct as you imagined.  The true etching effect will be seen once the surface is dry.

Glass Etching Gift Idea with EtchAll 7

Not only do you end up with a super quick and totally awesome etched project (or gift), do you see how smooth and consistent that finish is?  That is the EtchAll difference, in my opinion.  Out of all the etching creams I’ve tried, EtchAll is the only one to give me a consistent etch across the entire surface!  Be sure to share your projects on the Member’s Only Facebook group!

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