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Bride-To-Be Clutch with Mirror HTV

One of the coolest parts of being a Bride-To-Be is all the accessorizing you get to do while you plan your wedding. It’s the perfect excuse to make things for you and your “Bride Tribe” while exploring how to make things for your own wedding! These cute clutches from Craft Chameleon made the perfect test-dummies for trying a new type of HTV: Bling Bling MIRROR! That’s right, you read right, Mirror HTV from Chemica.


Once again, our fabulous friends over at have helped us sponsor some gorgeous Chemica HTV — this time some gorgeous Mirror HTV that is to die for! We contrasted it with a super cute clutch that we purchased from Craft Chameleon, choosing black to get an eye-catching contrast. I really think you’ll like the Mirror HTV, it’s not just metallic or foil, it has a truly reflective mirror image that I haven’t seen anywhere before.

Bride-To-Be Clutch with Mirror HTV 1


So if you checked out our tutorial for the Wedding font and cut file bundle from Creative Fabrica, you know that we selected a few of their cut files (in case you don’t feel like browsing on your own), but of course you can use any cut file you want on your own clutch. Here is a recap of the ones we liked the most.

Bride-To-Be Clutch with Mirror HTV 2

You’ll also want to review that tutorial if you’re not familiar with opening SVG files in Silhouette Studio, as there are step-by-step instructions towards the end.

So first step, let’s talk about sizing. How do you know what size to cut your file? Measure your blank, of course. In this case you can use a standard ruler to get the job done.

Bride-To-Be Clutch with Mirror HTV 3

I measured my workable area to be 6” x 4”, so I opened my Design Page Settings menu and mimicked those settings in Silhouette Studio. This allowed me to size my design appropriately.

Bride-To-Be Clutch with Mirror HTV 4

Once your design is sized, go ahead and change the Design Page Settings again to reflect the size of your sheet of HTV (in this case it’s 12” x 10”). Make sure your Show Cut Border is turned on so you know the limits of where your HTV will cut.

Bride-To-Be Clutch with Mirror HTV 5

While you are still designing, don’t forget to flip (or mirror) your design. I take the shortcut by clicking on my image, then right-clicking with my mouse to access the shortcut menu and choosing Flip Horizontally.

Bride-To-Be Clutch with Mirror HTV 6

Since we are working with an SVG file, you’ll need to make sure your cut lines are turned on. When you click the Cut Settings menu, your design should highlighted in bold red lines. If it doesn’t, select your designs and choose “Cut” from the menu to turn them on, otherwise your design won’t cut.

Bride-To-Be Clutch with Mirror HTV 7

When it’s time to cut, scroll through your materials until you find Heat Transfer Material – Smooth. You’ll want to actually modify those a little, like we did when we cut the Confetti HTV. I used a Blade depth of 3, Speed of 8 and Thickness of 10. When doing your Test Cuts (which are highly recommended), if these settings don’t seem to give you a clean cut, I’d bump up the Thickness to 15 and try again. You can continue to increase the Thickness, just make sure you are using your Test Cuts and you don’t cut through the clear backing.

Bride-To-Be Clutch with Mirror HTV 8

Once the design is cut, proceed to weed carefully. I had a lot of tearing with the HTV, meaning I would get a run that wouldn’t follow along the cut lines. I had to make sure that the part I was weeding was a part that needed to be removed, so just something to keep your eye on. It was also a little difficult to get the HTV weeding process started, since this type of HTV has a tougher exterior. All in all, it reminded me a lot of using the Confetti HTV, so that can be good or bad depending on your experiences. Just remember that the whole point of including these materials is to push you out of your comfort zone and experience now things. If you don’t like Confetti or Mirror HTV, you know to move on to something you do enjoy.

Bride-To-Be Clutch with Mirror HTV 9

After weeding, proceed to pressing the HTV. This Mirror HTV is a cold peel, so keep that in mind, you’ll want to let it cool completely. I’ve gotten better at this part, since my impatience used to get the better of me. So I had success on this project the very first time, because I didn’t try to peel the HTV prematurely. You can find the full data sheet from the Chemica US website, or by clicking here.

Bride-To-Be Clutch with Mirror HTV 10

I was so thrilled with the project, I gave this one to my daughter (because we all know how much they love mermaids) and made the other one for myself.

Bride-To-Be Clutch with Mirror HTV 11Bride-To-Be Clutch with Mirror HTV 12

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